Weaving at Woolfest 2012

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Here is Sarah weaving on our stand at Woolfest using the 24″ Kromski Harp-rigid-heddle loom-which she has had for 7 years and really loves.  It comes with a 10-dent reed.
You can weave a long length – up to 7 metres- and up to 22″ wide. It folds easily and is lovely to look at.

Sarah weaving 1

4 thoughts on “Weaving at Woolfest 2012

  1. Hi! I’ve been looking at the Kromski 24″ as my first loom – other than a frame loom. Will the 10-dent reed take normal DK knitting yarn? Many thanks

    • Sorry not to have spotted your question before. 4ply yarn would be better in a 10 dent reed. We usually recommend a 7.5 or 8 dent reed for DK. The Ashford RH looms all come with a 7.5, the other reeds are extra. Does the Kromski come with a 10 or 7.5? It is always worth investing in an extra reed as it does widen your options.
      Hope these thoughts are not too late!

      • Thanks for the reply, it’s not too late, though my eagerness is almost getting the better of me! So now an Ashford is back in the running. Would you give me your expert opinion on which you would buy as a first loom?

      • I am guilty of always recommending the Ashford 20″ knitters loom as it folds up, comes with a 7.5 reed, has lots of other sized reeds to buy,and can weave a good width with which you can make clothing as well as household things. However, last week at the National Exhibition in Norwich I had a go on an Ashford 28″ Knitters Loom and I thought it was really good. It was on an Ashford stand which may have made it feel more comfortable to weave on. I found it worked just as well as the 20″ and putting the shuttle through the shed was not an effort.(Sometimes, when the loom is too wide the weaving action becomes very awkward). If you are interested in making clothing and not keen on using narrow widths of cloth this might the loom for you. I know that the Kromski comes in a wider width but there have been a few problems with the heddle falling forwards when it is in the up position. I have not used one myself so I cannot add any more comment to that. I do have the Schachts 20″ Flip loom which comes with a 8 dent reed. It weaves very well but does not fold up very easily, especially with the warp on and is not as simple to thread up as the Ashford. Hope that is some help to you and not too long winded! Happy weaving

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