Friday night at Woolfest





Friday night at Woolfest is a big Spin-In event where we get together and meet up to chat about the great day we have had and what we really liked and will probably buy tomorrow.


We usually end up weaving though there are lots of people spinning and knitting too. NO waterproofs in sight!  There were quite a lot of new stalls this year with a strong emphasis on fibres, especially alpaca.  The fleece sale is always a must as there are so many different fleeces for sale and with a crèche to leave it in there are no worries about carting it about. You just have to remember to go back and collect it at the end.  This year I came home with a Herdwick (well it was the theme of the show) which I am spinning in the grease as a thick singles ready for rug weaving.


Other weavers join in when we start weaving at the spin-in and Graham here is really showing off by having his Ashford 12″ knitters loom on his knees. I wish my legs were long enough to weave on my lap!   As well as all the wonderful woolly things to see and feel there is also amazing music from local musicians and clog dancing too.  I can’t recommend these two days of textile excellence enough to you all.    We can read about all these new products and yarns but seeing them for real and being able to talk to people about it all is so good.

DSC_0474 (Large)


DSC_0480 (Large)



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