Fisherman’s smock


Maldon-20130811-00502sue cropped

Inspired by the fisherman’s tops worn in the West country of England the pattern uses the full width and length of the handwoven cloth with very little cutting required.


As this layout drawing comes from ourIMG-20130814-00512 first book Simply Woven all the measurements are in inches as we were not into centimetres then, so a little conversion is needed to get the measurements right.


The cuffs and bottom band are attached to the fabric by crocheting around the edge of the weaving and then picking up those stitches with a circular knitting needle before knitting the cuffs in rib. They can also be knitted individually and then sewn on.


The yarn used for this top was all handspun by my friend and dyed using the jam-jar method (next blog coming soon) but any rainbow dyed yarn would produce the same look where the colours overlap occasionally in the warp and the weft to give lovely areas of depth and contrast.

4 thoughts on “Fisherman’s smock

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  2. Thanks for putting my sweater on here only some of it was jam jar dyed by the way, some of the warp, the rest was navaho plied to give variations in the colours, some red shades and some green shades. Sue Shadforth

  3. Hi! I am interested in making the Fishermans Smock. What is the title and author of the book this pattern comes from?

    • Hello Lauren, The Fishermans Smock pattern can be found on The original pattern was in a book from 1986 written by Sarah and is now out of print but she has made a pattern for this smock and for many other items of clothing all of which you will find in her etsy shop. Hope that is helpful. Happy weaving.

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