More about colour and weave


These four yarns make up the warp and weft. The yarns are all wool including the fine wool and lurex gold thread (sadly my last purchase from Texere). The blue wool is my hand spun, Lleyn singles which I dyed in the fleece with acid dyes before spinning using a mixture of hyacinth and grey to give that soft blue.


The skirt length was woven on my Schacht rigid heddle loom with a 8dpi (30/10cm) reed. This is a good sett as it allows the warp and weft to breath together and gives you a balanced weave. The weaving is only 14″ (36cm) wide so the warp is centred in the reed to ensure that the warp will tension evenly when you start weaving.


With the weaving just 14″ (36cm) wide and 120″(301cm) long this makes a perfect length for a classic straight skirt with a back zip and a kick pleat. By using the four panels to make up the front and back sections of the skirt there is very little waste of the handwoven fabric. I like to overlap the two selvedges for the front panel, making a feature of all those lovely yarns that have been used in the weft.


Here is the finished skirt, fully lined and teamed with a “top down sweater” made from a Zwartbles fleece that I hand spun on my Schacht Sidekick wheel. It is a great fleece to use, huge, with lots of bounce and it never seems to go down!  I use this simple straight skirt pattern over and over again as it is so easy to change how it looks by using different handwoven fabrics.  This pattern is an average size 14 fit but to make it larger or smaller just weave a slightly wider or narrower length.


Here is a skirt again, this time worn with another “top-down jumper” made from the Lleyn fleece that was used in the weaving. Hope this has inspired you to thread up your rigid heddle loom and have some fun with colour and weave.  Happy weaving