Dyeing the Yarn



Soak the hanks in a weak solution of vinegar and water for at least an hour or

overnight.  Squeeze out excess water before laying out the hanks onto cling film.May 2013 Garden Book items 068

Paint on your dyes so that the hank is well covered. Wrap in cling film to keep the

colours from merging and either steam or microwave the hanks. Leave to get cold

before rinsing and drying.

Use one hank for the warp and another for the weft and see the wonderful check

patterns that appear by themselves.

Amazingly for us this is a sample for a very special project which will be revealed

very soon.  The little 12″ 30cm Knitters Loom is great for ideas like this as it is wide enough to be able to see what will happen on a bigger scale.



Warp and weft the same

Warp and weft the same

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