More sheep we love

This ancient breed originated in the Lake District around the middle of the 1800’s and is a wonderful sight to see on the Cumbrian hills.

The lambs with their dark coats often look as if they have horned rimmed glasses on. They are easily my favourite sheep.


These sheep are up in the hills in Cumbria and shed their fleeces at will and with the help of the weather.



This is a fabulous Manx Loaghtan ram, one of a big flock that were on the RSPB site in Suffolk, near the coast.  Their fleece is such a good colour and can be very soft though it is quite a short staple and can need care and patience to spin.

They are protected by the Rare Breed Society and come originally from the Isle of Man.IMGP4666June 2013 Woolfest 048

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