Leaping into Spring!


This month we are revisiting an old friend, that is an old design, pattern GW DR009 which has been such fun to wear that both Sarah and I wanted to make a new version.


This time I chose a blue wool warp which I had dyed in the summer with indigo so some of the skeins were darker than others but I decided that would be interesting.  I also added a small amount of lurex yarn and some linen and silk  yarn from Noro.  The threading was quite random.


I used my Ashford 16″ (40cm) rigid heddle loom with a 7.5dpi (30/10cm) reed as the mohair yarn was quite thick.  The weft was handspun wool and alpaca, also dyed with indigo at the same time as the warp so they were very similar in tone.


I always use the iron-on woven interfacing along all the cut edges before overlocking or zig zagging over the cut edge.  This will ensure that all your seams are secure and make sewing your beautiful hand woven fabric very easy.


The pattern has two styles of pocket which are lined with cotton fabric before attaching.  They are a feature of the design as well as being very useful.


I always look for a special button for the straps and these were a gift from Sarah many years ago but their wait to find a good home was worth it, I feel sure!


Here is Sarah wearing her new version of this wonderful pattern.  It is so versatile and great for showing off feature yarns in your handwoven fabrics.   This and many more patterns designed by Sarah especially for handwoven fabrics made on the rigid heddle looms can be found on her etsy site.         etsy.com/uk/shop/Getweaving 

Happy weaving from us both.




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