Cushions to start the New Year


After all the colour and decoration of Christmas it felt time to create a more plain and neutral look for the house and these muted colours of grey, blue and yellow seemed just right for making new cushions for the sitting room.


Using yarns from my stash I chose the rug wool for the warp and the chunky wool for the weft for two of the cushions, varying the threading to get a different look. For the third cushion I used a yellow wool slub with a closer sett in the reed.


I used my Schacht 20″ (50cm) rigid heddle Flip loom with a 5dpi (20/10cm) reed threading every hole and slot. The warp was 60″ (152cm) long and 20″ (50cm) wide (this allows for loom wastage and shrinkage) .  I washed the finished length in hot soapy water and gave it a good pummelling so that the yarns would really come together and make a strong fabric suitable for upholstery. Before sewing the cushions together I put the iron-on woven interfacing over the whole piece of woven fabric to make it very secure and help the cushion keep its shape.


Making small projects for the home is such fun and a great way to get to know your rigid heddle loom so if you were one of the lucky ones to receive one as a gift why not give these a try.   I have made three cushions so far but I think I shall make several more and try out different threadings, keeping to the same colour palette.   It has been a very enjoyable winter project using plain weave and the ever versatile the rigid heddle loom.

Happy weaving from Elisabeth and Sarah

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