Zip up Jacket for Winter


This month we are featuring Sarah’s latest sewing pattern for a zip up jacket using handwoven fabric made on the rigid heddle loom.


The warp for this project is a mixture of cotton and ribbon yarns.   The weft is a handspun wool and alpaca yarn which is soft to the touch and has a lovely drape.   Using a 10dpi (40/10cm) reed the warp and weft sit comfortably with each other, leaving little gaps which close up when the fabric is washed.


Washing your handwoven fabric is essential before you start cutting out.  I always try to put mine out on the line on a windy day to allow the yarns to fluff up and come alive. The warp was 240″ x 15″ (609cm x 38cm) woven on a 20″ (50cm) rigid heddle loom.


The fabric, after washing measured  200″ x 13″ (508cm x 33cm) so there was very little wastage after cutting out.  When cutting out, lay your pattern onto a single thickness of fabric. This will ensure that all the pattern pieces will fit onto your handwoven length and will make cutting very accurate.

20191015_142822Always remember to use the woven iron-on interfacing along all the cut edges before overlocking or zigzagging over the raw edge.  This will protect your seams and provide a lovely smooth surface to stitch over, especially helpful if you have any chunky or metallic threads in your weaving which would like to hook themselves around the sewing foot!

DSC02051This sewing pattern # GW. JA013 in sizes S-XL is available from Sarah’s Etsy shop     We hope you have fun planning  this and other projects on your rigid heddle loom and using it to create wonderful, unique fabrics.



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