Bias Top for July


This month we are show casing Sarah’s new bias cut top.  This is a new sewing pattern featuring clever cutting to make the most of the narrow widths of handwoven fabric.

20180405_201112The warp is a cotton yarn in four colours, randomly threaded through a 15dpi reed using every hole and slot of the heddle.


To compliment the soft colours of the warp Sarah spun a singles of silk and plyed it with a singles of carded, hand dyed cotton to create a yarn with lots of texture.



The hand spun weft gives a lovely texture to this plain weave while the randomly threaded warp yarns give no definite stripe, just a nice heathery mixture of colours. This is one of the joys of the rigid heddle looms that they allow you to play with colour and texture and let beautiful yarns show off to their best.


This has proved to be such a versatile pattern that Sarah has made it up in several different colourways and yarn textures.  Easy to wear and flattering to all figures the clever construction allows the narrow widths of the rigid heddle to come into their own.


This and many other versatile patterns are available from Sarah’s etsy shop at the address below.  We hope this will inspire you to try weaving a good length of fabric with beautiful yarns on a rigid heddle loom and enjoy the thrill of making your own garments from handwoven fabrics.   Happy weaving.

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