Dungarees for Spring


This month Sarah takes centre stage in her new dungarees.  Made from 100% cotton yarns the fabric was woven on a 20″ (50cm) rigid heddle loom using a 10dpi (40/10cm) reed threaded every hole and slot.


The handwoven fabric measures 18″ x 244″ (46cm x 620cm) and Sarah’s pattern fits neatly onto this length, making use of the selvedges and creating very little waste.  The patch pockets are turned on their side to create the contrasting stripe.


The front patch pocket and the shoulder clips give these dungaress a very traditional look and combined with their loose, casual fit they are a joy to wear.


This new pattern #GW TR005 is now available from Sarah’s etsy shop along with many other exciting designs especially made to fit onto narrow widths of handwoven rigid heddle weaving.

etsy.com/uk/shop/GetWeaving          We do hope you enjoy wearing your handwoven fabrics with pride.  Happy Weaving


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