Pinafore Dress for Spring


With this glorious weather I decided to make a light weight pinafore dress using a favourite pattern from the Get Weaving range #GWDR007. This design only needs a 14″ (36cm) wide fabric and can be woven on many of the smaller rigid heddle looms.


I used a 7.5dpi (30/10cm) reed on my Ashford Knitters loom, threading every hole and slot and put on a wool and silk warp of 185″ (470cm) in length. I am quite short so this is enough fabric for my height but it would be very easy to weave a longer and wider length to fit a larger size which is one of the joys of this sewing pattern.


The weft uses two types of yarn, a commercial boucle with lots of bumps and lumps and a hand spun wool and alpaca yarn which I dyed with a blue, acid dye from Colour Craft .I used two picks of each yarn, beating gently to give a balanced weave and to allow the boucle to pop through to the surface.  The fabric was washed and line dried before cutting out.  I had enough fabric to make an all essential pocket on one side!


This pattern is a nice easy fit with plenty of room for a tee shirt or jumper underneath. I like to line my wool dresses to help them hang well but you can use bias binding around the sleeve and neck area just as easily, especially if the dress is made from linen or cotton.

You can find out more about Sarah’s wonderful sewing patterns by going to her etsy shop.                   Happy weaving everyone


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