Cosy Blanket for Winter 2019


This winter I thought it would be fun to weave some blankets on the rigid heddle loom using my hand spun wool for the weft and a commercial wool warp.


I used up all the left over colours from a dyeing day, spinning them onto one bobbin and then plying them with a mixture of blended red wool so that the overall colour was warm and cosy. I used the full width of my 20″ (50cm) rigid heddle loom with a 5dpi (20/10cm) reed threading every hole and slot.


The warp was 165″ (419cm) long and 20″ (50cm) wide.  After cutting it off the loom and securing the cut edges with a machine stitch I gave it a good wash and a line dry where it flapped about vigorously.  I then cut the length into two halves and hand stitched these together using the same yarn as the weft with an over hand stitch.


The cut edges were then bound with a velvet ribbon, machine stitched on one side and hand stitched on the other, giving it a lovely luxury feel.


I was so pleased with the results that I made another one in quieter colours using a commercial wool and silk warp and a hand spun wool and alpaca weft.  This time I bound the edges with a satin ribbon.  The rigid heddle loom is really so versatile and with a good range of heddles to choose from and a wide variety of yarns it is possible to weave so many different fabrics with different uses.
  Keep warm and cosy and Happy Weaving!

5 thoughts on “Cosy Blanket for Winter 2019

  1. Oh they’re absolutely gorgeous, so cosy. I feel inspired to make one, especially as it’s just started to snow! ❄⛄

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