Cotton Tunic for Autumn


Now the days are cooler it is good to be wearing an extra layer and this simple tunic, made from cotton and viscose yarns feels just right.  Woven on the 20″ (50cm) rigid heddle loom using a 7.5 dpi (30/!0 cm ) reed the warp is made up of cotton, viscose and ribbon yarns threaded on to the loom in a random stripe.


The weft is a cotton ribbon tape which is lovely to use as it weaves up really quickly and produces a soft but robust fabric which holds its shape and is nice to wear.  We have used one of Sarah’s Get Weaving patterns #GWDR007 to create the tunic pieces.  These patterns have been especially designed to fit onto narrow widths of handwoven fabric.


Once the fabric was cut out we used the Woven Iron-on Interfacing on all the cut edges before overlocking the raw edge. This guarantees that the fabric will not fall apart at any time!  The seams were topstitched for a flat finish.  As the fabric was so flexible there is no lining used in this version making it a perfect top for jeans and tee shirts.  This and many other sewing patterns designed for fabrics woven on the rigid heddle loom are available from

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