Woolfest review for 2018


Woolfest, hooray!  Day two and we remembered to ask our fellow stall holder, the lovely Sew Sister to take our picture on the stand before the doors opened.  It was great to meet so many enthusiastic rigid heddle weavers and to see what you had made.


I am always amazed that from the humble beginnings of a cattle market, still wet from the mornings livestock sale this vibrant and colourful show of all things woolly emerges. We had a brilliant spot this year and armed with cable ties and calico soon had the stand ready for action.


Really popular this year were the Get Weaving sewing patterns which are designed by Sarah especially for the narrow widths woven on the rigid heddle looms.  We also had our three weaving books which show the many different weaves and colour combinations that you can achieve with just plain weave using the rigid heddle loom with it’s many different reeds.  There is a good selection to buy now from a 15dpi down to a 2dpi which is great fun and lets you weave with all sorts of art yarns.


We bring a good selection of garments all made from handwoven fabrics as examples of the Get Weaving patterns so that people can try them on. Sometimes we even sell the odd item! The green pinafore dress (pattern DR009) has been a great success this year and I can’t wait to weave a linen version for the summer.


This is Sarah’s weaving on the Ashford 20″ (50cm) using the 15dpi reed and mercerised cotton from the Ashford range of cotton yarns.  The weft is a wool and silk handspun singles spun on her Louet Victoria.  It is going to make a wonderful piece of fabric just right for the pinafore dress.  Spinning the weft to weave with a commercial warp is a great way to begin weaving with the rigid heddle looms and one of our favourite ways to make exciting fabrics for clothing.  As always, Happy weaving.


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