New for Woolfest 2018


Here is my new dress ready for our two days at Woolfest in Cumbria this coming weekend held on Friday June 22nd and Saturday June 23rd 2018. 


The fabric was woven on a 20″ (50cm) rigid heddle loom with a 7.5dpi (30/10cm) reed. The warp was 2 picks of mohair and 2 picks of linen.  The weft was a handspun singles, acid dyed with pink, red and peach.  The fabric was hand washed and line dried on a windy day which always gives the fabric lots life and texture.


One of the great things about this pattern is the raglan sleeve which can be made up in either a contrasting fabric or the same fabric as the dress.  These sleeves give a very comfy fit and the dress can be worn either on its own or with a T shirt underneath.  The bias strip around the neck edge is also a feature as it is sewn on back to front so that the raw edge is on the outside.  I always like to add a few buttons but they are optional!


This is the original version woven on the rigid heddle loom and made from handwoven cotton and corn fibre.  The sleeves and hem are made from commercial denim.  This dress was featured in our book Get Weaving and is also available as a pattern #DR005.  We will have this and many other patterns for sale on our Stand J234 at Woolfest so do please come and find us and share your weaving adventures . We love to hear all about your ideas and of course we will be happy to help with any problems if we can. We will also be demonstrating during those two days, both the Quick Threading and Cutting out your Handwoven Fabric.


Some of you will recognise the dress from this copy (issue 27) of The Ashford Wheel magazine where it was fully featured on pages 38 and 39.  That was a particularly good edition as there was a lot of weaving featuring the rigid heddle looms.  We cannot praise these looms enough and it is wonderful to see them growing in popularity and to see so many of you having such fun making beautiful fabrics.

As always, Happy Weaving !




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