New Dress for Wales 2018


This brilliant pinafore dress is such fun to wear and so easy to make using one of Sarah’s patterns #GW DR009 which are especially designed to fit onto narrow widths of hand woven fabric.


The fabric was woven on a 16″ (40cm) rigid heddle loom using a 7.5dpi (30/10cm) reed. The warp was a mixture of wools, linens and viscose yarns and the weft was all hand spun wool and silk.


The weft is a plied yarn made from one bobbin of wool and one of silk. This is a lovely light weight mixture and weaves up really well giving a soft and airy fabric just right for a Spring outfit.


Two buttons attach the straps to the front body but are simply ornamental as the whole dress slips easily over the head. The wonderful Herdwick sheep broach is made by Jackie Cardy of Feltworks.


Two pockets are added to the front skirt and come in two different designs.


We will be at WONDERWOOL in Wales this weekend with this design and many other exciting new garments for you to see and try on.  We will have the patterns too so do come and say Hello and show us what you have made on your rigid heddle loom.  You will find us on stand T3 GET WEAVING and we will be there on both Saturday and Sunday weaving and talking or is it talking and weaving!   Lets do it and have fun.








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