Silk and Cotton Top


This very simple but elegant silk and cotton top was woven on a 24″ (60cm) wide rigid heddle loom using a 10dpi (40/10cm) reed.


The warp is a mixture of tussah silk yarn, a cotton and silk yarn and a totally recycled yarn (the one with the flecks of colour) from Rowan found at Woolfest last year.  The weft was a white silk, cotton and viscose yarn.   Although the weaving looks quite open, after washing the threads meld together to make a beautiful material with lots of drape.


Using a wider rigid heddle loom has allowed me to use the full width of the woven fabric to place my pattern on, so no centre seam required as is the norm if using a narrow width loom.  I still cut my pattern pieces out individually on a single layer of fabric to make sure everything fits on.  After cutting out I use the Iron on Woven Interfacing on all the cut edges before overlocking or zig-zagging.


The neck is finished with a natural length of linen bias binding and slips over the head comfortably.


The sleeve edge takes advantage of the selvedge so no hem required.  An addition of shell beads adds to the luxurious feel to this simple top.


This versatile pattern from Get Weaving #T008 has the addition of a band running around the bottom hem, using a strip from the handwoven fabric after the other pattern pieces had been cut out, giving this top a modern touch.  This and many more new patterns will be on our stand GET WEAVING at Wonderwool in Wales this April.  DO come and see us if you are about. We love to see what you all make and share ideas.  Happy Weaving


2 thoughts on “Silk and Cotton Top

    • So glad you liked the top. It is amazing what beautiful fabrics can be made on the rigid heddle looms and Sarah’s Get Weaving patterns do make it easy to use the narrow widths of handwoven fabrics to make everyday clothing. Happy weaving EK

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