Classic Wool Skirt


A warm, woolly skirt, thick tights and boots are my favourite clothes for winter months and what a simple project this skirt is for the rigid heddle loom.  Woven as one length using the 7.5 reed and DK weight yarn the fabric weaves up very quickly to produce a good length ready to be cut into four pieces, 2 fronts with a centre seam and 2 backs with a zip and a kick pleat.


The warp yarns were 2 picks of turquoise boucle and 2 picks of blue mohair. The weft yarns were  2 picks of green and turquoise boucle wool and 2 picks of turquoise mohair.


Remember to always wash your woven fabric by hand when you take it off the loom to allow the fibres to merge together and give your fabric a good drape. We love to wash our weaving on a windy day and see it blowing in the breeze!


Always use the iron on woven interfacing, cut into strips on all your cut seams to secure your weaving.  This wonderful product makes sewing so easy with handwoven fabrics. Enjoy these cold, winter days by making beautiful, handwoven fabrics on your rigid heddle loom.  Get Weaving!





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